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Minor Skin Surgery

Many people have unsightly skin tags or moles that have been bothering them for many years. Treatments to remove these are not offered on the NHS. At Cosmedic Aesthetics our experienced plastic surgeons are experts in treating these lesions. They can often be removed through a simple procedure, leaving excellent cosmetic results.


What type of skin lesions can be removed?

Examples of skin lesions are skin tags, warts, moles, cysts, and lipomas.

What does the treatment Involve?

Skin lesions are commonly removed as a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. Our plastic surgeons have performed 1000s of these procedures and are able to tailor the treatment to your unique, individual needs. At Cosmedic Aesthetics you will have a no-obligation consultation, where you will have a full assessment and discussion regarding your treatment options.

How long do procedures take ?

The procedures usually take 10-30 minutes, depending on the particular treatment and need.

What are the risks of treatment?

Minor surgery, although safe, does have some risks. The most common ones are bruising, swelling, bleeding, lumpy scarring and infection. However, most of these are easily treated. You can be confident that at Cosmedic Aesthetics, our plastic surgeons will deal with any problems that arise

What aftercare is provided?

A free 1-week check-up is offered to all patients to review the results of your treatment. Some may require removal of sutures and your individual needs will be discussed with you prior to the procedure.

How long until I can resume normal activities?

We recommend that you avoid any strenuous physical exercise for 72 hours after treatment. It is important to avoid rubbing the treatment sites. More information regarding post treatment care and restrictions will be provided during the consultation.

The majority of these skin lesions are harmless, but it may be recommended to send these specimens for special tests for reassurance.


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